About Chandra

I am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Career Coach (CCC) Strategist with the skills, knowledge and experience to coach you through your career or job search and help you achieve your goal of landing your next position.

I have over 20 years of extensive career coaching training and experience and have coached thousands of clients through their career/job search. Formerly, in my role as a Human Resources Manager for a Fortune 100 company, I was charged with implementing and overseeing the Force Management Process (downsizing, restructuring, layoffs, etc.). That role gave me the opportunity to coach and inspire employees who were in involuntary job searches. I felt such excitement and inner fulfillment each time I assisted someone in landing a position, that since that time I worked with two of the world’s top international out-placement companies and then made the “JUMP” and started my own business as a professional Coach. My passion is to coach and empower my clients with the tools, techniques and strategies they need to become more Polished, Positioned and Powerful in pursuing their next job or career move.

Statistics show that a Career Coach is the “missing link” that can help you quickly soar ahead of others when seeking to land your next position or start your own business.

So how can I help you?

I provide individual and team coaching that produces measurable RESULTS! I believe using my proven strategic methodology will make a noticeable and positive difference in your career or job search.

As your Career Coach, my mission is to provide you with cutting-edge techniques, Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 3.14.02 PM tools and strategies that are critical in helping you land your dream job or that much deserved promotion, or the launching of your own business. I seize every opportunity to stay on top of the latest job search trends. I’m your personal cheerleader! I will hold you accountable for taking action, as well as celebrate your successes. My services include virtual or face-to-face individual, group and team career coaching from enhancing your resume to accepting your next job offer or opening your new business. Coaching sessions are tailored to what you need in order to move forward and be successful in your career/job search.

I also develop and implement tailored professional development workshops and seminars that focus on providing strategies that build high-performance teams, navigate life’s transitions, and invigorate and improve a career or job search. I have facilitated workshops from small companies to Fortune 500 organizations, and in universities and diverse cultures around the globe. For more information and a list of the types of tailored workshops I offer, click on the “Corporate Workshop” tab.

If you are ready to have better results and experience the confidence, enthusiasm, excitement and rewards of being Polished, Positioned and Powerful in your career/job search-LOOK NO FURTHER-
I am the Career Coach for You!


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