Take Action-Get Results

Job Search Accountability Circle
(1 Month/4 Sessions)

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Take Action-Get Results Accountability Circle

How serious are you about accelerating your progress in your career search?  Are you willing to take “organized and structured” action to get faster results? Then join my next Take Action-Get Results Career Search Accountability Circle. Joining and participating in the Circle could make a big difference in your job search results and help you quickly land your new position, move up in your current company or start your own business!

Program Summary

If you’re in an internal or external job search: I host weekly online accountability circles with you and nine  team members who are in a job search and who, collectively, have a shared goal of finding the right position, in the right location, making the right salary.

Dates of the next online Circle sessions:

Evenings: Thursdays: June 22nd-July 13th, 2023-7:30-8:30 (3:30-4:30 p.m. PT)

Weekend Sessions: Saturdays: June 17th-July 8th, 2023- 11 a.m.-12 p.m. EST (8-9 a.m. PT)

COST: $200 (Only $50/week) – 4 weekly Circle sessions

For more information and to join the next Circle, please Request a FREE Consultation. Or email me: chandra@careercoachchandra.com