Career Coaching

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I provide face-to-face and virtual career coaching workshops, webinars and private sessions that keep you focused, hold you accountable and propel you ahead of everyone else in a career search.

My coaching services will assist you in all phases of your career search, from resume to job offer.

If you are unemployed, underemployed, seeking a better career path, have a goal to move up in your current place of employment or desiring to start your own business, it’s time to TAKE ACTION.

When you TAKE ACTION you will feel more polished, positioned and powerful as you strategize, network, interview, negotiate salary and land your next position.


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In your Career Coaching Sessions we will:

  • Review and rate your current resume and LinkedIn profile and learn how to effectively use LinkedIn in your job search.
  • Identify your most powerful skills, experiences and accomplishments that will differentiate you from your competitors and highlight the value you bring to an organization.
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn more effectively in your job search.
  • Polish up your 30-second Branding (Elevator) Pitch and your Positioning Statement (aka Tell me About Yourself”)
  • Learn dynamic career search and networking strategies to help you Position and market yourself with colleagues, recruiters and hiring managers. Trust me: It’s all about NETWORKING! It’s either NETWORK or not work.
  • Acquire Powerful interviewing techniques including mock interview sessions to increase your confidence and assist you in acing your next interview.

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ADDITIONAL COACHING provided for Family and Friends/Small Group Coaching
Assist family members, friends and colleagues in preparing to land their next position by hosting a resume writing or job search mini-workshop in your home. Contact Coach Chandra for details.  Group Discount Rates are also available for organizations, teachers, government employees and churches.