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Corporate Professional Development Training and Facilitation

We deliver a variety of on-site and virtual training programs customized to support your company’s goals, values, beliefs and corporate culture and contribute to highly productive and motivated teams.

  • Fully customized content with a dynamic delivery that will fit your team, organization and department
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Reduced overall costs
  • Confidentiality – what goes on in the room-stays in the room
  • Industry-leading experience


We offer the following workshops:


Workshop Name Description
Polished, Positioned and Powerful (How to Successfully Manage A Career Search)

Participants are introduced to the tools, techniques and strategies that are required to successfully move up the corporate ladder, to be more successful in their own business, or to assist them in navigating through a job loss and landing the position they desire. Includes a resume-writing module

Building High Performing Teams through Effective Team Building

Customized for intact, cross-functional, or newly formed work teams that need to work more powerfully together. Teams become strategically aligned around a common direction, approach and purpose which helps create a culture that drives your organization to higher performance. Includes FUN and effective experiential team building activities.

Leadership Development and Professionalism

How do you get people to follow your lead? In this workshop you will learn how to strengthen your foundation as a leader in order to achieve and deliver the best results. In two invigorating days, you will solidify your corporate vision, improve business skills and create a plan of action that embodies your leadership insights.

Communication 360 

This workshop provides all levels (from CEO to Administrative Support) the opportunity to determine individual communication styles, acquire and practice interpersonal skills in face-to-face communication with each other, identify team and departmental factors which affect communication, learning and understanding how to resolve conflicts and developing and implementing an action plan for continued improvement

Managing Change in the Workplace

Provides an opportunity for employees to learn how to move forward with change and identify and enhance skills necessary to effectively manage changes in the workplace that directly and indirectly impact team members.

Stress Management

Participants learn and discuss the causes and symptoms of stress as well as the techniques and strategies of taking control of their stressors by making changes in their feelings, attitudes and behaviors.

Exceptional Customer Service-Do You Have What It Takes? 

Participants identify and enhance the skills, traits, and techniques necessary to provide exceptional customer service and ensure that every customer contact is positive and productive.

How to Manage Conflict and Difficult People

The effects of problem behaviors and attitudes can be toxic to the work environment and could sabotage the team’s performance. This workshop will provide strategies and tools to communicate with and manage team members who have challenging behaviors.


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