Enhanced/Tailored Resume

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Companies are hiring and Recruiters are looking for you but you’ll need a Polished and Powerful resume to get their attention. Having a “wowing” resume is your first point of contact with a potential employer and sets the tone for subsequent job search steps from pre-screening to job-offer. Your resume is your marketing tool that will set you apart from your job search competitors.  What does your resume say about YOU? 

You will receive an enhanced and tailored resume with key words that identify your most dynamic skills and competencies along with your major accomplishments that clearly describe the value you can bring to your next position. 

A well-developed resume will also help with developing your professional branding “script” that you can tailor and use to network, market yourself, and ace your next interview with excellence. 

Here’s my Resume process and what to expect:

  • After registering to have your resume enhanced, please email your current resume to me along with a link to a job description of a position for which you’re interested.  Email:
  • You will be then be scheduled for a FREE Resume Consultation within 3-4 business days.
  • The first draft of your resume will be received 5-7 business days depending on schedule. Once your payment is received, you will receive the date that you can expect the first draft of your resume.
  • When you receive your first draft of your resume, a call will be scheduled within 24 hours  to discuss any updates, deletions, additions, etc.
  • Additional changes and updates will be made until resume is placed in “Final”.

Note: There is an additional $100 cost for resumes to be expedited (within 2-3 business days).