Transformative Networking: How Coach Chandra Boosted My Career Confidence and Clarity

Reflecting on my sessions with Coach Chandra, her insights on networking have been transformative, boosting my confidence and equipping me with a strategic plan. Her probing questions helped me critically think about finding mentors and building connections. Despite my current role's limitations on networking, I'm now eager and prepared to seize opportunities. Her recognition of my enthusiasm for training new colleagues meant a lot to me.

Since we began, I've gained clarity on professional networking, crucial for my career. Moving forward, I aim to improve time management, enhance my skills in Excel, SQL, and Tableau, and explore new networking strategies.

Thank you, Coach Chandra, for your unwavering support and guidance. Your insights have illuminated my path to professional growth, and I'm excited to continue our journey together!

Shihua X.-Operation and Customer Experience Analyst

Empowered to Succeed: A Life-Changing Experience with Coach Chandra

Meeting Coach Chandra was a turning point during a very challenging time in my life. She helped me recognize my potential and the positive aspects in my life. Her mock interviews and challenging questions were invaluable, leading me to land a job I never dreamed possible. Chandra's guidance helped me understand my personal and professional goals, and her vast knowledge and quick answers were always on point. She motivated me, listened carefully, and provided thorough follow-up, showing genuine compassion and support. Her take action templates  are incredibly helpful, and the encouragement she offers is unbelievable. After a session with Coach Chandra, you'll truly believe in yourself!

Antoinette T. - Executive Secretary

Raised my Interviewing confidence

I've been working with Coach Chandra for approximately six weeks. All my status has improved. I've had three first-tier interviews, one second-tier interview, and one job offer since hiring her and affording her reasonable hourly rate. Her approach during the mock interview has helped me to focus more on bridging my skills with the duties of the desired position. Coach Chandra has broken down the science of interviewing and related job search components. Now, I am more confident I will land the right career opportunity very soon. Thanks, Chandra!    Regina B. Academic Support Trainer

I landed my dream job

Coach Chandra's Polished, Positioned and Powerful Job Search BootCamp offered me the support I needed to land my dream position. Her methodology and coaching helped me focus and stay on track in an honest and professional manner. Her boot camp could not have come at a better time. I landed my dream job and I am so grateful!     Randy C. Regional Director

Coach Chandra’s Coaching changed my life…

“The Covid job shake-up in 2020 wound up being the best thing because my company connected me to Chandra, and she single-handedly changed my life. She is just the positivity expert I needed to push me to into a career that I would never have considered on my own. We collaborated on polishing my CV, learning new and innovative interview techniques as well as unlocking the inner keys to re-engage in my education. This ultimately landed me the job of my dreams. Her positivity is infectious. She exudes a Can-Do attitude like no other. I have no doubt that I’m a stronger leader today thanks to her coaching. With Chandra’s support and encouragement in your toolbox, there is nothing you can’t accomplish!”              Susan S.- Senior Technical Project Manager

Support, Guidance and Encouragement from Coach Chandra

"I cannot say enough about Chandra's support during my job search and career transition as my career coach. Chandra has the rare ability to see 'inside' of who you are perhaps sooner than what you see in yourself. Her calm demeanor and supportive tone encourages you to search deep in your soul and realize your own worth. I could not have made my journey without her encouraging voice in the background. If you are looking for a career coach that will not only support, guide and encourage you, but also ensure you embrace your greatness, look no further. Coach Chandra is for you!" Jessica D.,  Data and Analytics Leader

"Chandra's knowledge and skills are matched by her positivity".

Starting a business is exciting and daunting – and it’s not all ‘just’ about business; it takes a lot character-wise: determination, persistence, belief in yourself,  encouragement and wisdom. She has helped me immeasurably along the way to reaching my goals. Teresa V. -Editor, Proofreader

“I wholeheartedly believe in Chandra as a career coach.

She delivered effective advice and provided experienced guidance and in a personable way that really made us feel like a team. Chandra shines through with timely insight, a strategic plan, and she helped me achieve my professional goals. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in taking their career to the next level!” -Eddie E. Senior Software Developer


Coach Chandra accelerated the evolution of my resume and LinkedIn profile

I was able to commence my job search with confidence sooner than expected. Prior to seeking help, I was averaging 25 LinkedIn searches per week. Now I am averaging 85 people a week looking at my profile and there was one week where 186 people looked at my profile. Her cheerful and heart-full approach to the daily routine is a perfect complement to her collaborative style. I was always anxious to review each iteration of progress and move onto the next. She was always in complete control of where we were, where we were going and how we were going to get there. With full confidence I can attest that Chandra will apply the utmost attention and integrity in all aspects of your career coaching needs.   J.A. Valentine, Security Solutions Architect

Ms. Russell is a great career adviser and life coach

I always think of Ms. Russell when I look back and see how my career began to take off. Ms. Russell is a great motivator, but not by words alone, it's her actions and concern for people and their success. Ms. Russell is a great career adviser and life coach. I was unsure of what I wanted to do, how to prepare for what I was trying to do and unaware of what actually was my true passion; I spoke to Ms. Russell, she helped me focus, plan for the now, which set a path for where I am today

Jarret Risher International Business Executive

Chandra was terrific in helping me revise and update my resume

Chandra was terrific in helping me revise and update my resume. Chandra's services were very helpful in making edits to my resume and she was very helpful in updating the resume better than I ever could have on my own. Chandra is a very positive person and was a delight to work with and had valuable coaching advice as well.

Steve Biroschik. –Director
Digital Learning

Chandra helped me ace an interview

Chandra helped me ace an interview by helping me articulate my value and communicate my skills.

Jackie Randolph, Civil Structural Engineer

Chandra effectively transformed my outdated resume

Chandra effectively transformed my outdated resume into one that gets noticed by HR professionals and gets me in the door for an interview. She is very skilled in this and does so with tact and professionalism. I've already referred her to several other people.

Darlene Nazaire, Sr. Partnering Manager

I 100% Recommend Ms. Russell!

“I always think of Ms. Russell when I look back and see how my career began to take off. Ms. Russell is a great motivator, but not by words alone, it's her actions and concern for people and their success. Ms. Russell is a great career adviser and life coach. I was unsure of what I wanted to do, how to prepare for what I was trying to do and unaware of what actually was my true passion; I spoke to Ms. Russell, she helped me focus, plan for the now, which set a path for where I am today”.

If it is training, coaching, or career planning, I 100% recommend Ms. Russell.

J. Risher
Business Education Professional

The Perfect Blend of Counseling and Coaching

“While people in your life tend to tell you what you want to hear, a good career coach will be honest and tell you what you need to hear to make your career goals a reality – Chandra is that coach!!
She uses the perfect blend of counseling and coaching to identify all issues impeding a person’s desired career ambitions. I have been a career coach for 10+ years and whenever I need to take an honest, yet objective look at my resume or career path, I rely and trust Chandra’s perspective every time!

N. D.
Learning and Development Manager

Chandra Effectively Transformed My Outdated Resume

“Chandra effectively transformed my outdated resume into one that gets noticed by HR professionals and gets me in the door for an interview. She is very skilled in this and does so with tact and professionalism. I've already referred her to several other people.”

D. Nazaire
Sr. Partnering Manager

An Extremely Pleasant Experience...

“I had the pleasure of having Chandra as a career coach and it was an extremely pleasant experience. Chandra is a true professional in her approach in assisting one to tap in to their highest potential and goals. She is sincere in wanting her clients to obtain ultimate success. She is honest in her approach and diligent in completing tasks to her clients’ requests. Her guidance has greatly assisted me in my career search. I highly recommend Chandra to anyone who is needed guidance in being successful in today's business environment.”

R. Parker
Telecommunications and Fraud Investigations Professional

Exemplary Professional Development Facilitator!

Chandra effectively facilitated several professional development workshops for Prince Sultan University over 3 years: Leadership Training, Life-long Learning, Team building and Recruitment. Our team consists of faculty and staff with diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, and Chandra was exemplar in helping us identify our teams' strengths and weaknesses in order to improve our performance. Moreover, all of her workshops were highly interactive, reflective and lively. To date, faculty and staff request her professional development workshops.  

T. Tasneem Prue
Director, Prince Sultan University for Women, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I had a phenomenal experience!

Ms. Chandra Russell provides spirited debate and challenging workshops as she helps us gain the skills to become better leaders. We spent eight hours with her and we stayed so engaged and focused, it felt like eight minutes."

Dr. Brenda Mathis, Director
Rowad AlKhaleej International Girls School Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Thank you Chandra, you've added value to my career!

Chandra made the very daunting task of job searching and interviewing easier, fulfilling and successful. With her coaching I came to realize and learn there is a science and a process to marketing yourself. In so doing it gave me confidence, taught me more about myself and my abilities and I showed up polished, positioned and powerful just as she states on her tagline. My confidence is high, my knowledge has increased and I truly feel positioned and ready for big opportunities.  Thank you Chandra, you've added value to my career.

Claudia Russell-Licensed Social Worker

Chandra is a very positive professional trainer

"Chandra is a very positive professional trainer. She assess the audience and tailors her training to get the best possible results. She is creative, and genuine. Having Chandra train our whole staff including upper management in Leadership and team building workshops was the best investment we made this year. The results are still manifesting.  L.D. Emanuel-Academic Director-AlKhaleej International Schools-Saudi Arabia.

L.D. Emanuel-Academic Director
AlKhaleej International Schools-Saudi Arabia.


"I recently found myself in a position where I was again seeking employment and did not hesitate to contact Ms. Russell for her resume expertise and career coaching. I first acquired her services in 2004 right after graduating from college. Her resume development and career coaching advice and expertise helped me land a job in no time! I was able to ace the interviews and often received compliments on my interviewing skills. In my present search I have received several calls already for interviews including upper management and executive level positions. I don’t think I would have ever been able to attract such amazing opportunities without Ms. Russell’s coaching. I am so THANKFUL for Chandra Russell and highly recommend her to anyone searching for employment!"

Nicole D
Program Manager

Absolutely awesome!

"If you've EVER given thought to having your resume redone, this is the coach and this is the time!!  Chandra is absolutely awesome!!"

Financial Analyst

She is committed to providing the best

"Chandra Russell's coaching and resume services are outstanding. The depth of her knowledge about the many facets of searching for the perfect career is immense. She is committed to providing the best to each of her clients. She made me feel as though I was her only client."

Sandra. D.
HR Manager

Interview success!

"I didn't know where to start with preparation of my opening statement for a job interview. I was about to memorize my motivation letter word for word. Luckily, I met Chandra, who convinced me to change the idea. She was able to provide me with wonderful guidance throughout the process, which resulted in my interview success! Thank you, Chandra, for sharing your talent and expertise.  I am still amazed by her generosity, kindness and heartwarming words. I would happily recommend Chandra to anyone looking for support to achieve their goals!"

Technology Assistant - Spain

I am seeing my dreams come to fruition.

"Chandra is great! She has given me the encouragement, the needed push and has held my feet to the fire when necessary. She helped me develop a usable structure for my project. She is skilled in drawing the best out of you. And she does it all professionally and with kindness. I am so grateful to her. With her, I am seeing my dreams come to fruition."

Marcia. W.

I couldn't have done it without Chandra!

"Chandra gave me the professional resume I needed to jump start my job search.  My 25 years of Professional Experience, Achievements and Awards are highlighted in 2 pages. I couldn't have done it without Chandra!"


Anything is possible

"My coach, Chandra Russell, for encouraging me and instilling in me that anything is possible if I believe".

Lori Beard-Daily, Writer
'Destination D' published book

She always has a winning strategy.

"Chandra is an amazing business and life coach! For the last 5 years, she has been instrumental in helping me reach my career and personal goals. She uses the wealth and diversity of her experience to help make her clients more effective, polished and powerful! Whether your need is a resume or individual coaching, she always has a winning strategy. Hiring Chandra has been an extremely profitable investment in myself!"

Nathelia Davenport, President
Global Alternatives & Mediation Enterprises (GAME)

Everyone loves my resume.

"Chandra, I can't find the words to say Thank you - you saved me. Everyone loves my Resume. You have made the process so much easier for me. Thank you so MUCH!"

Danny T. Educator, Abu Dhabi, UAE